Writing Projects

Want to discover what I’m working on? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll be able to see what my current projects are.

“No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.” – Mary Wortley Montagu

One child was discovered, and one disappeared.

In the dead of night, during a fierce storm, a child is found. Meanwhile, another child is sent away, to disappear. Seventeen years have passed and Syrena is her father’s secretary in Emapriver, the Vanashtan parliament. The city is filled with unrest and after the Preemphis building is stormed, her father is abducted as chaos ensues. Set on a journey to find her father, Syrena meets a mysterious man with danger ever on his heels. However, as she grows closer to rescuing her father, Syrena stumbles upon a plot that could destroy everything she loves.    

Veiled in Lies is a YA fantasy novel. It is over 60,000 words and nearly completed.

Status: Final edit

Had they sacrificed everything in vain? 

Dr. Anthony Lancrest is a military physician in a time where war takes up every moment of your life. In a land that is overpopulated and starving, the only way to ensure your family’s safety is to fight and die. Anthony tries to do his duty in hopes that his brother can live a happy life, but he survives. Each battle and war he fights, Anthony escapes death. Plagued by fear, he struggles to face death and save his brother. However, all this changes during a battle which leads him to a question no one had ever dared ask. What if they were wrong?

Dark Empire is a fantasy novel. It is in the YA age range and is over 80,000 words.

Status: On hold

Will they discover his secret?

Amir has been the leading member of the Magis Party for over two decades. He was there at the beginning, and when everything he stood for burned. In the aftermath of a near war with Highvarah, Vanashtan is still crackling with unrest. Amir has pushed for drastic changes and has been countered with ominous threats and several tragic deaths. Meanwhile, a young man escapes a raid on his family’s home. Jae disappears into the dark streets of the city, his parents under arrest and his sister gone. Neither one expected to become involved in what happen next. But as their paths converge, both Amir and Jae realize that in order to survive, they’ll have to work together.

Shadow Politics is a novella. It is in the YA age range and is over 10,000 words.

Status: Incomplete

A refined feline detective

The Oliver Furz Mysteries is a series that I plan to write. I wrote one book and decided that I would write another about how Oliver becomes a detective. Book 2 is about 80% of the way done. Book 1 is my current WIP (work-in-progress).

The Oliver Furz Mysteries are in the Children’s Books category.

Book 1 Status: Working on second draft

Book 2 Status: On hold

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